Sincs seriously injured in Madrid

Article posted on Sunday, July, 19th, 2009 at 1:23 am

As most will have heard by now, Sincs was seriously injured in Madrid on the weekend when he under rotated a double backflip.

Since the accident Cam has been fighting for his life in a critical condition in Madrid. He suffered a broken shoulder, broken cheek bone, a ruptured liver and was knocked unconscious. Due to the rupture in his liver he had emergency surgery for internal bleeding. Thankfully surgeons were able to stop the bleeding.

At this stage Cam remains in a critical condition, however has improved over night. He has opened his eyes and is responding to instructions to raise his arms and squeeze his fiance Brooke’s hand. This is great news, as there was bruising on his brain; the fact that he is responding to their commands is a really really good sign.

I will try to update you as soon as i know more.

Thanks to everyone for their great support.



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